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Welded Hoppers feature 100% welded one-piece design. Legs and bracing are all square tubing making a better looking, stronger design. Seams are overlapped and welded solid on the outside and smooth on the inside with no bolt heads to restrict flow. One-piece hoppers eliminate almost all assembly, making it the most economical choice when possible. All our hoppers are primed and painted with high quality paint.

  • All Seams Welded 100%
  • Square Tubing Legs & Bracing – No Angle Iron
  • Smooth Welded Seams – No Bolt Heads to Restrict Flow
  • Primed & Painted Inside and Out
  • Very Little Assembly
Smooth Seams
18' Hopper

We can also split welded hoppers in half allowing transport of up to 27’ hoppers. The two halves bolt together on site.

For 45-degree cones, we cut legs shorter and use a bolt on leg extension to keep shipping height down.

  • Split Hoppers Make Transport Easier
  • Hopper Halves Bolt Together With No Welding Required
  • Taller Cones Have Bolt On Leg Extensions to Keep Height Down
21' 35 Degree Loaded On Truck
21" 35 Degree Split Hopper
Bolt On Leg Extension
2145 On Truck Legs Cut Short

Bolt-Together Hoppers

  • Allow Us To Build Hoppers Too Large for Transport
  • More Hoppers Can Be Shipped In One Load
  • Less Freight Costs When Shipping Long Distances
  • Designed In Solidworks To Ensure Perfect Fit
  • Parts Cut With Hi-Definition Plasma
  • Installation Inside Harvestore Or Concrete Silos
2745 Hopper
21' 45 Bolt Together Loaded On Top Deck
36' Wet Holding Bin

Bolt-together hoppers inside Silos

Do you have a Harvestore Silo or Concrete Silo that you utilize for grain? We can build a hopper to assemble inside the silo!

20' Inside Silo Under Construction

How do we fit the hopper to your bin? Here is what we need.

With a steel 100’ tape, measure the circumference (all the way around) the bin in the valley of the corrugation. This measurement is the most critical to a good fit.

It is also helpful to know the width of the corrugation. Usually this measures either 2.66″ or 4″.  

Measuring the circumference

The hopper is built slightly smaller than your measurement, allowing the bin to fit snugly over the outside of the hopper.

Typically, the hopper is bolted to existing bins in the bottom valley of the corrugation. The hopper has slotted holes pre-cut but the holes in your bin will need to be drilled once the hopper is in place. Small tabs on the hopper top ring allow you to set the bin down over the ring and it will hold bin at the correct height for fastening.

Bolted In Valley
Inside Bin Bolted To Hopper

Standard Features on every Hopper:

-Heavy Duty 19” Rack and Pinion Gate

-19” x 24” Manhole with Cover

Slide Gate Rollers
Slide Gate With Crank



Aeration Options

  • Simple, Economical Design
  • 12″ or 18″ Aeration Tubes Available
  • Tube Spaced Off Cone to Maximize Airflow
  • Angle Ring Flange on Outside to Mount Fan
  • New Fans Available
12" Aeration Tube
2145 Aeration Port
18 Aeration Tube

We are also a dealer for the grain guard rocket aeration system

Steel Bases

Moving your bins and don’t want to pour concrete? Want your hopper able to be moved? We build steel bases allowing you to set up hopper bins without concrete.

18' Hopper with Double Skid Base

Ground Operated Lid

Open your bin lid without climbing the bin!  We can provide lids for any size opening operated from the ground.   

Ground Operated Lid

Extra Customization

Do you have an idea of something to make your life easier? If it is out of steel, we can build it. We specialize in fabrication to build whatever you need!

Side Discharge

Setting up a permanent auger to your dryer but want a way to load out into a truck? We have a side discharge option available. It uses a smaller version of our standard gate.

Mineral Hopper for Auger Boot

A customer needed a place to add mineral while loading feed. We custom built a small hopper on the side of his auger boot.

Auger Boots

  • Heavy Duty, All Steel Construction
  • Accommodates 4″ to 10″ Augers
  • Bolt Directly to Rack and Pinion Slide Gate
  • Bearing at the Bottom For Smooth Operation
  • Any Angle, Typically Slightly Flatter Angle Than Hopper Slope
  • Adjustable Boot, Great For Setting Up a Permanent Auger Feeding Dryers
  • New Utility Augers


New Bins

Bin Parts

Do you want to expand the capacity of your bin when installing on a hopper? We can get replacement rings for your bins. We can also get any bin parts and accessories such as stiffeners, roof vents, ladders and cages.


Do you need a level indicator when filling bins? Install a Levalert!

Simple to install and easy to see!

Auger Calculater

Is your auger going to be long enough to reach the top after hopper is installed? Use Meridian’s Auger Length calculator to find out!

Be sure to add the hopper height when calculating. You can find out the hopper height on our specifications page.


We build superstructures for load outs. They can be customized to fit your needs. All structures are engineered for the size of hopper bin on top. They are built from beams and fully bolted together with no welding required.

Now a Dealer for Concept Smoothwall Hopper Bins