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making your grain storage safe, convenient and efficient

Hoppers for new and existing bins

Hopper Bottom Grain Bins

Redstone industries specializes in heavy-duty, steel hopper bottom grain bins for all sizes of new or existing bins. We work directly with farmers and millwrights to improve your grain handling facilities. We also provide hoppers for industrial applications. Harvest has changed a lot in the last 100 years. Those big 18' bins your grandfather put up just don't get much use anymore. However, converted to a hopper bottom, they can easily be used for almost anything! A Hoppercone allows you to modernize and increase capacity of bins you already have.

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A hopper bottom grain bin adds value, safety and efficiency to your operation. Take the hassle out of grain storage!

Redstone Industries builds all hoppers right here in the Midwest. We sell bins, bin parts, and bin accessories. We provide delivery of our products nationwide.