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2 part hoppercone

Redstone Industries, LLC is located near Iroquois, South Dakota, approximately 100 miles northwest of Sioux Falls, SD.   Formed in 2017, Redstone Industries is co-owned by Brian Hiebert and Byron Adkins.  We both grew up on the farm and have been in agriculture and steel fabrication all our lives.  As partners in a small business, we are directly involved in every aspect of the business!  Our goal is to provide a quality product that will not only stand the test of time, but increase the efficiency and value of your farm as well!  We operate our business on Christian principles, making honesty and integrity our top priority.

We purchased the Hoppercone product line from MK Industries in 2017. Founded by Marvin and Kathy Kaptein in 1983, MK Industries started out manufacturing farm machinery such as drill fills, augers, and center sweeps in addition to their own farming.  In 1985, believing there had to be a better way to clean out grain bins, they designed and built the first hopper for their own use.  Those first hoppers are still in use!

MK Industries relocated to Rock Valley, Iowa in 2007.  They designed a unique bolt together hopper allowing even large hoppers to be built and transported in sections.

After purchasing Hoppercone, we moved all operations to Iroquois, South Dakota.  Our goal is to offer a well built, well designed hopper for any application.  We are already working to improve the design to streamline the manufacturing process as well as ease of installation.

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